DIY Solar Panel and Wind Turbines

Ronald Lejeune, Basic Author

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The world is going green. It's a great green thing. I personally think it started to really jump off when the television network Planet Green launched about a year ago. People are going crazy recycling, carrying their own paper bags to dispose of their daily garbage just to name a couple of the things going on.

Recently the newest trend is creating your own electricity.Being able to build your own solar panel or wind turbine is really catching on with the green community. There are several manuals on the web showing exactly just how to do it. Some of the better ones even come with step by step videos to lead you through the whole process.

After you've completed your project with mostly household tools and a material cost of under $200 you can cut your energy cost by 80%. Practically fire your electric company.

As I said before there are quite a few products out there and many more popping up weekly but, the best I would recommend is Earth 4 Energy.By far superior and easier to understand for anyone who could use a hammer and screwdriver.

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