Spaceballs The Movie

As into Star Wars as I was, its parody Spaceballs enthralled me just as much by making fun of the silliness I hadn't yet recognized in George Lucas's earnest films.

Mel Brooks's hilarious send-up replaced Chewbacca with John Candy's Mog (half-man, half-dog: "I'm my own best friend!") named Barf, Bill Pullman was Lone Starr (mocking both Han Solo and Luke Skywalker with one character), and teeny Rick Moranis was Dark Helmet — the Napoleon-complex-addled Darth Vader.

And how could I forget Dot Matrix, Princess Vespa's C-3PO? She had a loud "virgin alert" that went off if Lone Starr got too close.

Though my passion was always for the original Star Wars, I've always had a soft spot (er, funny bone) for Spaceballs. Do you remember it?

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