Oxado Advertising

Oxado acts as an two-way aggregator between publishers and advertising networks.

For publishers, it gives them access to multiple advertising networks, picking the best ads among millions coming from thousands of advertisers, based on the topics of each page, the country and language of each visitor, and numerous other parameters. Our technology developed in-house constantly monitors which ads perform best for each page. This means higher click-through rates, and thus higher revenue for publishers.

For advertising networks, it gives them access to tens of thousands of small and medium sites which they are not able to handle directly. Oxado has set up automated and efficient processes for sign up, site validation, ad targeting, fraud detection, billing and payments, and our content matching and fraud detection technologies mean targeted, interested customers for advertisers.

This company is well respected and limits it's clients to websites with relavent content and quality traffic, which is good. It pays more than Adsense cause the advertisers are very big companies looking for compatible websites. it doesn't automatically approve your account. It takes a week or so but, it is worth the wait. I have a few websites I've applied for for this company just recently and am waiting anxiously. If you think your website can handle the standards go ahead and give them a try. I always say " You don't get what you don't ask for.

So, go ahead and click the link below and lear about Oxado

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