Tropical Storm Dolly

Tropical Storm Dolly, the fourth such storm of the 2008 Atlantic hurricane season, formed in the western Caribbean Sea on Sunday, the National Hurricane Center said.

Mexico issued a tropical storm warning for the Yucatan Peninsula from the border with Belize to Campeche, Mexico, over storm Dolly that is crossing the Caribbean near the Gulf of Mexico, and tropical storm conditions were expected within the warning area in the next 24 hours, the Center said.

The storm strengthened from a tropical wave that the Center has been monitoring for several days and its winds were put at 46 mph (73 kph).

Buoys "measured sustained winds of tropical storm force for about four hours this morning (Sunday) .... Based on the above data ... the cyclone is immediately designated a tropical storm," the center said.

"This is currently a sprawling system with 34-knot winds and heavy rains extending well away from the center," it said.

Models showed the storm would likely track over the northern Yucatan and south-central Gulf over the next couple of days. Some models say it could eventually move into northern Mexico, while others showed it heading into southern Texas, it said.


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