Amber Hay

Amber Hay is the most recent person to grace the cover of the Girls Gone Wild magazine. Amber Hay has been cast in recent films like Beerfest and Ocean's 13. The actress/model was born in Hawaii, but she has lived around the world, in such places as New Zealand and Costa Rico. The Girls Gone Wild film creator, Joe Francis, was once reported to have had a romantic relationship with Amber Hay, according to IGN after they called her the "babe of the day."

When I think of Girls Gone Wild, I not only think of woman like Amber Hay or girls taking their tops off for the camera, I also think about all the lawsuits that they have had in the past.

Just recently they were sued by Ashley Dupre, who later dropped the lawsuit against Girls Gone Wild. Ashley Dupre had claimed she was filmed before the age of 18 and was seeking $10 million. Joe Francis offered to give Ashley Dupre $1 million if she would allow them to film her, but later recanted on his offer after realizing that they already had her on film. Ashley Dupre became famous after she was involved in a prostitution ring that brought down the former governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer.

In June of 2005, Girls Gone Wild was sued by a beach woman. Debbie Aficial sued Mantra Films Inc. after they had made a video of her without her consent. Debbie Aficial won the lawsuit and Girls Gone Wild was ordered to pay $60,150.

Although Joe Francis has been known for being sued after showing certain women in the videos that claim that they had not given consent, one of the Girls Gone Wild videos actually saved Mantra Films Inc. from having to dish out even more money.

In October 2007, Brooke Patsolic and Christina Brose claimed that they had an agreement with Joe Francis that their video would never be showed on Girls Gone Wild. Apparently Joe Francis searched through his documentary films and found one of the two young ladies giving their permission for the film to go public. This one film had saved Girls Gone Wild from a claim that wasn't true, according to E! Online.

Amber Hay in Girls Gone Wild Can Only Bring Visions of Lawsuits

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Amber Hay in Girls Gone Wild Can On...


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